We Help Business Owners Dominate Their Niche

We help business owners dominate their niche



You've done what so many only dream of...built a successful business. Now it's time to take it to the next level by branding yourself as a well known expert in your community and industry. Done right you can dominate the competition, drive more customer attention, attract unimaginable inbound business opportunities, increase revenue and create an influential reputation as the go to expert in your community and industry.

The team at Goodfolks specializes in helping business owners like you do exactly this through authentic, professionally architected social media driven, personal brand development tied directly to your primary business.

As a business owner there's no doubt you've had to hustle and grind to get to where you are. We know you've had to fight through bad times and make many sacrifices to breakthrough. Your commitment to your dreams has created jobs, stimulated the local and national economies and provided valuable products and services that impact the lives of the Goodfolks in your community. For these reasons we believe you and your fellow business owners are Goodfolks too, hence the name of our company.



Business, Branding
& Whiskey

The story goes something like this…

Two long time serial entrepreneur buddies, branding expert Dion McIntosh and business expert Aaron Parkinson sat in Hollywood Hills talking life, family and business while sipping their favorite whiskey. After a bit of childish wrestling and silly debates about which two superheroes would win in a fight, they landed on a problem they did agree on...most small to mid-sized business owners are leaving massive opportunity on the table by not leveraging personal branding and social media to attract and retain customers. These good folks behind the country’s most important businesses were in need of a solution.

Dion and Aaron decided to launch a company exclusively for small to mid sized business owners in need of personal branding and social media management. Dion was already the Founder of a personal branding agency and Aaron was the Founder of a social media growth agency. Like pre-made S' mores it just made sense.

And so Goodfolks was born.



Dion has always had the work hard, hustle mentality. He started in the 90's building a personal music brand in his hometown. After 2 years of making noise, doing shows and hustling demo tapes from a backpack he finally landed a major label record deal. After a 9 year run in the music business he eventually caught the entrepreneur bug. He spent the next 20+ years failing forward as a serial entrepreneur and small business owner finally discovering his gift in storytelling, branding and helping people launch their big ideas. Having lived on both sides of the tracks and experiencing many sides of business he has developed a unique ability to “see” people and how to effectively and authentically communicate their inner truth, passions, unique expert value prop and life story to the world no matter which projects they're championing.

Currently Dion is not only the Founder of GoodFolks, he's also the active CEO of Bad People, a Los Angeles based, Brand Development agency for celebrities, athletes, business leaders and influencers. He is the Co-Creator of "Dear Amy" the world's most successful Amy Winehouse stage show. He's a husband of 10 years and father to 3 amazing kids.



Aaron Parkinson is a staple in the online marketing world. His first big startup was a marketing tool that was used by over 50,000 people in 100 countries. He then went on to launch Automatic Body, a fitness program, supplement line, and mobile app with over 500,000 downloads.

Aaron currently consults some of the most elite CEOs in the marketing space and is known for delivering instant results. He is the current CEO of Drop Launching where he teaches the powerful secrets of successful product launching. Aaron is the proud father of three children and has been married for almost 20 years.


Our Services

Whether you want to scale your business, be recognized in your industry as the expert you are, or just want to better connect with your community...you’ve come to the right place. You're too busy to do it the right way by yourself. Let us do all heavy lifting for you.

- Owner story/bio crafted for business
- Modern company/owner website dev
- Social media management & content
- Book authoring & design
- Photography and video production
- Logo design
- Professional copywriting
- Digital growth & monetization strategy


“All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.”

- Jim Rohn



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